GLUDES, a Global Leadership University for Development, Entrepreneurship and Strategy is the dream-child and vision of internationally acclaimed Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Transformational Business & Life Coach… Nozer Buchia.

GLUDES has been founded with a unified conviction to leverage the knowledge and best practices of today’s thought leaders with the intent to council and prepare the next generation.

Our aim is to provide an ethical leadership education experience that coerces behavioral change to revolutionize results.  It is our observation and belief that long-term success is directly proportional to the quality of the leadership. 

We pride ourselves as being the vanguard; the educator and thought leader for leadership, development, strategy & entrepreneurship… thanks to our decades of industry best practices and established track record of successes and failures. 

We develop and shape the much-needed leaders of tomorrow, those with robust functional knowledge, attained talent and the vision to navigate change. 

We nurture leaders that will anticipate uncertainty, overcome complexity, and motivate teams for a shared single-minded purpose of creating a stellar organization with a commitment to value and success.

GLUDES is a dynamic learning facility where individual students, entrepreneurs and corporations work together to address and continually advance the evolving challenges faced by our business and our society.  We achieve this through the development of one of the greatest dominant qualities required today … LEADERSHIP.