Our Leadership Certification and REassurance 

It is a REassurance-policy that endorses leadership preparedness and completeness for individuals, business units/divisions and the corporation as a whole

GLUDE-e-FICATION creates a protective business shield…

  • Confirms that the GLUDIFIED entity is leadership-ready to take on transactional and strategic challenges encountered by the business in the course of their daily activities

  • Diagnoses the root causes of any situation and forces intervention and a desired solution

Our Leadership Measurement Criteria has been designed and developed by gaining a diversity of perspectives from those that have encountered and overcome similar challenges

Our high quality curriculum validates leadership readiness as we are focused on developing leaders… not creating followers

  •  Courses are instructed by seasoned practitioners who bring subject matter expertise and years of practical experience

  • These instructors lead class discussions and give feedback on quizzes, assignments and projects

  • Each course features a multipart project that incorporates concepts, tools, framework and ideas as applicable to your particular situation and work circumstances

  • Courses are designed to enable you to tackle the current issue at hand and successfully lead you into your future

Talent testimonial…

  • GLUDE-e-FICATION endorses a robust message to attract desired talent that is pursuing to be engaged with a professional business family that amplifies leadership vigilance

  • Employee retention and advancement is heightened by validating a corporate leadership path

  • Reinforces the employee development landscape at you organization

  • Differentiates coaching from mentoring, training and counselling

  • Our goal is to brand GLUDE-e-FICATION as the corporate industry standard that will become the measurement criteria for leadership preparedness, readiness and authentication

  • GLUDE-e-FICATION by industry vertical endorses business leadership acumen and sends a powerful message to the competition of preparedness to be a leader within that particular industry

We define leadership… period!    

Are you GLUDIFIED yet?