Failed organizations and shelved projects will be embraced by GLUDES

Through proficient guidance and expert contribution by our selected industry specialists these unsuccessful entities will be revitalized as surviving and on the path to becoming thriving corporations

GLUDES will remain focused on the journey and will continue to be an integral part of such organizations till they are ready to branch off on their own once again

Our GLUDES process for corporate renewal entails exploration and planning to turn-around troubled companies and return them to business solvency

  • Our process identifies reasons for failing performance in the market, and remedies them

  • We achieve this through management reviews, root-failure cause-analysis, and SWOT analysis

  • Once our detailed analysis is completed a long term strategic restructuring plan is created

  • Our turnaround professionals then begin to implement the plan by continually reviewing its progress and making changes as needed to ensure the company returns to life again

GLUDES will be challenged by our commitment to ensure that all corporations that have a vision to succeed but have failed must get a second chance to live again  

Four stages in revitalizing businesses from shut-down to life-again... 

  • Evaluation and Assessment
    • Competition comparison through market analysis
    • Business and financial success pointers
    • Performance indicators
    • Leadership effectiveness

  • Restructuring/Repositioning (using entrepreneurial principles)
    • Recovery through corrective action  
    • Reason for organization existence
    • Alteration in business strategy
    • Improved organization structure

  • Steadiness
    • Progressive scaling
    • Modification of rules of engagement
    • Performance measurement
    • Change in course

  • Revitalization
    • Implementation of innovative core competencies
    • Measurement against the competition
    • Reestablished leadership