At GLUDES we understand that the demands of being a successful leader in today’s complex business environment, requires more than just a set of prescribed traits and talents. It requires a constant thirst for betterment and advancement based on an open mindset for progressive learning through successes and failures. Our extensive and industry proven best practices curriculum for successful leadership, addresses the needs of those that are preparing to take the next step in their careers.

Our initial program is also a result of the selfless contributions of some of the best industry front-runners; twenty-five plus entrepreneurs, successful professional leaders and CEOs who enlightened us with their successes & failures and their thoughts & ideas on building leadership skills.

Leveraging the insight of these leaders our courses are facilitated by some of the best business minds in the industry, those with a passion for teaching the business skills that they’ve learned through experience in their respective field.

These same contributors have since become our most enthusiastic supporters and we thank them for their time, their efforts and their contributions in our success. They have since enabled us to provide quality education and pursue the quest for knowledge.