Nozer Buchia is often referred to as Mr. Motivator and The Motivational Entertainer

He is an internationally-acclaimed motivational, inspirational & keynote speaker. He has been called a “speaker’s speaker” due to his dynamic inimitable style of humor & delivery, as well as his practical approach to any situation. 

Nozer’s straight-from-the-heart, energy and passionate message has motivated audiences worldwide, moving people from their comfort zone to success. Nozer’s determination, persistence and never-give-up attitude have enabled him to be successful in life and in the world of business. 

Nozer is an author of 2 business books… WHY ENTREPRENEURS REALLY FAIL (published in the USA & in India) and ROADMAP TO SUCCESS (co-authored with Dr. Ken Blanchard and Dr. Deepak Chopra). 

As a successful turn-around entrepreneur and a transformational business and life coach, Nozer has been teaching and mentoring corporations, executives, high profile managers, non-preforming and under-performing teams and individuals who have the potential to excel and want to expand their influence repertoire. 

Nozer’s executive coaching and leadership training programs have been created to maximize your success by enhancing your natural talents and future capabilities. His approach to coaching has been developed and strengthened by his decades of experience through personalized individual and group events that motivate and empower each participant to advance leadership and managerial capabilities to produce desired results.